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The importance of a requirement to ensure accuracy in assessment performance

This element is two-dimensional. First, it seeks to establish the extent of the learner’s intellectual input required in the development of the product or performance, as a means of determining the degree of authenticity inherent within an activity. This dimension refers not only to the learner developing understanding and applying knowledge, but also demonstrating the developmental process that has led to the final assessment outcome. This aspect links closely with discussion under the second element of this framework, namely ‘performance or product as the assessment outcome’.

Second, it seeks to determine how central assessed skills and knowledge are to the work-related application. In a workplace, it is the degree to which a final product or performance meets its purpose that is the overall determinant of its success. 

While accuracy of the assessment activity in addressing the needs of the real-work environment reflects on the assessment value, it is important for the educator to ensure that students understand this connection and perceive the assessment as valuable.