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Authenticity in Assessment


Why authentic assessment?

As an integral component of the education process, assessment supports learning by providing learners with the opportunity to demonstrate acquired skills and knowledge.


What is authentic assessment?

A shift from the application of a predominantly behavioural pedagogy to a constructivist learning paradigm has given a much greater emphasis to the value of situating the learning experience in an authentic context to enhance learning and teaching. This in turn, calls for the design and development of more meaningful, more authentic, assessment activity.


The Eight Critical Questions

These eight critical questions (Ashford-Rowe, K.H., Herrington, J. & Brown, C. (2014) Establishing the critical elements that determine authentic assessment. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education Vol. 39 , Iss. 2,2014) that detail the individual elements of assessment that are to be addressed, within the design and development of an authentic assessment.

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